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This page is where lots of images from Rivia’s experiences go. The band play lots of shows across the U.K and often take photos at these gigs. Those images will then either be released via this web page or through the bands official Instagram account. Also on this page, you can view backstage photos as well as images of the band in the studio or generally out and about. That being said, we recommend you follow Rivia on their official Instagram account by clicking here. This will enable you to find even more images. It will also allow you to keep fully up to date with all images released by Rivia and their team.

If you have seen the band live recently and have taken photos of them performing then be sure to share them with us. We would love to see them. As a result we may use them on this web page and the photographer will be credited. To share the photos with us simply tag the band on Instagram using the official Rivia Instagram username Alternatively, contact us using the official Rivia contact form by clicking here.

For any questions about these photos or anything else relating to Rivia then please click here to contact their team. Please note: Rivia’s team do receive a large amount of enquiries on a daily basis. Therefore you may not receive a reply instantly. However Rivia’s team does aim to respond to all enquiries as soon as possible. Once a representative has answered your question, you will receive a response sent back to the email address entered.

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